Finally, Some Good News

Yes, in 2020!

For months, I’ve been teasing you with promises of good news.

Today I’m finally pulling back the curtain.

You’re among the first to know that I’ve joined the team at Build a Better Us!

In my role as Director of Literary Services, I will be serving as an author coach as well as building courses, guiding workshops, and providing tools to help writers hone their skills and level up in their careers.

If you poke around BBU’s website and peek at their vision and core values, you will see that we are a great fit.

We believe every person has the power to change the world. Our vision is to normalize extraordinary moments in the lives of everyday people.

We believe that no matter your relationship status or life circumstance, you have the ability in Christ to be extraordinary and to affect extraordinary change in the world.

We’re committed to building a better you, so we can be a better us.

Already, in my time working with Executive Director BJ Thompson and the rest of the team, I’ve become more certain of my purpose and passion.

In the same way, I look forward to helping fellow writers and authors become better versions of who God has already created them to be!

As always, I’d appreciate your prayer and support in this endeavor!

There’s a lot of work to do, and sometimes my learning curve feels like a right angle.

Still, I’m energized and excited!

  • Many of you know that I’ve been acting as a writing/author coach behind the scenes for the last few years. I’m finally in the position to take on more clients! (Ready to turn those nebulous writing dreams into concrete reality? Stop by and/or refer a friend. The first consultation is free!)

  • We have some amazing projects in the pipeline—in particular, projects to help new and emerging writers lift their voices and take control of their narratives. I can’t wait to tell you more.

  • This isn’t even all the good news I have planned for 2020. There’s more to come! Watch this space!

After so much thinking, planning, and hard work behind the scenes, it feels good to let you in on what we’ve been building.

Questions? Comments?

Let me know!

I’d love to hear from you.