Finding my new year's resolution.

December 2022

10 standout reads from the year.

November 2022

Those who know us best give the best gifts.

July 2022

I want to be dramatically mourned.

June 2022

A lesson on creative angst.

May 2022

"Here are some of my brain teeth."

April 2022

The inevitability of one-star reviews.

February 2022

A Family Love Story

January 2022

Writers and the daily struggle to create.

December 2021

As of today, I’ve read 109 books in 2021. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that traditionally, my reading landscape looks a bit different…

October 2021

A totally normal use of my time.

September 2021

Enjoy an excerpt from Chapter 1 of my forthcoming book Socially Awkward.